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Benefits of Membership

Why EESPA membership is of value to you?

EESPA acts as an active not-for-profit trade association at European level for a growing and dynamic community of e-invoicing service providers drawn from organisations that provide network, business outsourcing, financial, technology, and EDI services. We deliver essential value to members by being proactive in promoting and defending member interests and in delivering services and taking the initiative.

Both larger and smaller players work together to reflect the voice of the industry and gain from sharing and solidarity. Our active forum addresses the growing list of issues thrown up by regulators, develops solutions and frameworks for interoperability, and creates a positive industry environment in which industry competitors can flourish.

All full members are entitled to participate in the governance of the association, vote on decisions and in elections for various offices, and take part in meetings and working groups. There is no compulsion to contribute beyond a member’s capacity and willingness.

Our vision is to create a strategic asset for members by delivering industry leadership, influence and a framework of support.

Specific current examples of programmes of activities and areas of attention include:

Public policy and compliance

  • Fully understanding the public policy environment for e-invoicing and providing thought leadership in policy debates
  • Monitoring and contributing to initiatives such as Directive 2014/55/EU on e-Invoicing in public procurement, the Connecting Europe Facility, e-IDAS, the European Retail Payments Board, and various Member State developments
  • Keeping in touch with global supply chain developments, and with legal and compliance requirements and practices
  • Contributing to dematerialisation in the international trade arena


  • Creating the interoperable eco-system based on easy to use EESPA model agreements, which are standardized, tested and widely used
  • To reduce the cost of interoperability by removing the need for legal negotiations and generating savings that easily exceed the annual EESPA membership fee
  • Launching a Multilateral Interoperability Framework
  • Contributing to development and implementation of the new European core e-invoice standard
  • Participating in relevant CEN Technical Committees for the good of the industry

Reach-out and research

  • Helping members to scale their investments in their capabilities by providing useful market insights
  • Providing a well-regarded web-site and publishing an informative newsletter including global and country developments
  • Building a focus on adjacent spaces such as e-procurement, supply chain finance, trust services and work flow to support selective extension of scale and scope in EESPA activities
  • Creating alliances such as the ones we have with OpenPeppol, VeR, DSPANZ and Amexipac
  • Conducting a published annual volume survey on e-invoice growth to demonstrate our critical mass

On top of formal activities, the EESPA community provides unrivalled opportunities for informal networking and learning. These relationships can lead to new partnerships based on trust and familiarity.

Building the community

Formed in 2011 EESPA has developed as a growing community with today (i.e. May 2023) 100 full and associate members. It is important that we are fully representative.

Our agreed formal Mission Statement states that:

EESPA will address those challenges in developing the market for e-invoicing and related services, which properly belong in the non-competitive area and require soundly based cooperation among service providers that meet its membership criteria. Such cooperation will be designed to develop best practices, foster influence in the public policy domain, and provide membership services, all to a high standard and to a level which members find appropriate and affordable.

EESPA provides a well-resourced secretariat and community management platform that is always ready to provide help and support. The association has established an effective and fully functioning governance framework.

We value your involvement and commitment to our objectives and to delivering this value proposition.

Membership Conditions & Application Process

Membership Conditions

Full Members of EESPA are incorporated businesses providing services or support to third-party customers in the area of compliant e-invoicing and related services. Members provide such services within the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the UK. Membership will be allocated to groups of companies connected by ownership and control on the basis of one membership per such group.

Non-voting Associate Members  are those organisations that do not fulfil the requirements of full Membership or, whilst qualifying for full membership, do not wish to take up such membership status. Examples of the former organizations are IT and business solution providers, network operators, other relevant associations, and other organisations, which are deemed to make a significant contribution to the development of e-invoicing and e-business services.

The Applicant submitting an application to the Executive Committee for membership in the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) agrees with the following:
  • The applicant hereby accepts the statutes of EESPA and agrees to comply with all provisions of such statutes.
  • The applicant hereby confirms that it meets the membership criteria for EESPA as set out in the Statutes.
  • The applicant consents to the publication of its name and coordinates on the EESPA website. The applicant also agrees to communications being forwarded to the contacts provided that the content thereof relates to its EESPA membership.
  • The applicant agrees to provide its e-invoicing volume figures of the past year in the yearly Aggregated Volume survey. The individual figures remain confidential at all times.
  • The applicant confirms that it will be liable to pay such fees as are set by the Association from time to time. Such fees will be a non-recurring joining fee amounting to €1,000 together with the annual membership fee for 2023 amounting to : €2,750 for a Full-Member - €1,650 for an Associate Member. The one-time entrance fee is waived for VeR (EESPA Chapter Germany) members that join EESPA as a member. 

EESPA organises two General Assembly meetings each year (May and November). Full members may delegate two representatives to each of these meetings, Associate members may delegate one person. Additional participants will be asked to pay a conference fee.

In case you comply with these membership criteria you may wish to apply for membership.

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