Membership Criteria

Full Members of EESPA are incorporated businesses providing services or support to third-party customers in the area of compliant e-invoicing and related services. Members provide such services within the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the UK. Membership will be allocated to groups of companies connected by ownership and control on the basis of one membership per such group.

Non-voting Associate Members  are those organisations that do not fulfil the requirements of full Membership or, whilst qualifying for full membership, do not wish to take up such membership status. Examples of the former organizations are IT and business solution providers, network operators, other relevant associations, and other organisations, which are deemed to make a significant contribution to the development of e-invoicing and e-business services.

What does it cost to join as a member?

The one-time joining fee is 1000. The yearly membership fee for 2023 is €2,750  for FULL members and 1,650 for Associate members.
The one-time joining fee is waived for VeR members wishing to join EESPA as a member.


In case you comply with these membership criteria you may wish to apply for membership.

The 2021 Statutes can be found here. To apply fill out and submit this online application form:


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