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Trippstadter Strasse 122
DE 67663 Kaiserslautern Open location

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Dieter Keller

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TRAFFIQX® - the network of networks for multichannel document and data exchange

DATEV, RICOH, SGH, Quadient, Bundesdruckerei, Asterion, BeCloud and b4value.net have joined together based on the TRAFFIQX® network powered by b4 platform technology. Thus, eliminating significant initial hurdles for companies and institutions to the electronic exchange of documents and data.

TRAFFIQX® providers benefit by using the internationally approved b4 platform technology. The TRAFFIQX® network offers all the necessary elements a provider needs to have, to be able to operate independently in its markets. At the same time every provider creates synergies with its services within the TRAFFIQX® network.

Drive digitization forward – Become now part of the fastest growing network of the networks!

TRAFFIQX® customers benefit from the fact that TRAFFIQX® is a service not a local software. This means that there is no effort or cost involved in integrating it into existing company systems. Investments in new hardware or software are not necessary.
A participant in the network benefits from the continuous development of each individual connected company. International business and public authority platforms and service providers are connected via roaming and interoperability agreements.

TRAFFIQX® - Sending and receiving transaction documents secure - in any format - via any channel – worldwide!

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